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I turned off the TV. Now I could hear through the wall. I had seen them enter the next room. One on the other in the hallway, and I thought they were in fact a very short time, a drunk with curves, middle-aged woman and a handsome young man in a suit. He saw the man who had no trouble picking up women, and saw him in a good fuck. Maybe I like being able to be there. I went to my room and listened for 20 minutes, so my cock, but nothing happened, so I have the TV - a program called stupid crime in Dutch. After a while I heard a woman's soft moan. I became the sound and tried to listen to the silence. Once again, the woman moan to escape almost involuntarily. I took off my clothes and lay on the bed, cock in hand, imagine what they were doing. The bitch in heat. She had a sweater over her big boobs and a skirt that tightens xcritic around his broad back, extended only so much for them. I imagined them in stockBuildings, pressed his face between her thighs suspended. There was a long silence occasionally broken by the wail loud moan and then a long lament, as her orgasm overwhelmed her. He had licked all the way, and I shake imagined plump thighs, hands head, arching her pussy on his face. Then silence again. And the laughter. Wanton whore. Lucky guy. I went to the wall and pressed his ear against it, eager for the next guy. And there was a sigh, and then a crack of the bed, sometimes at first and then building a bed groaning pace of sources, without rest, he gave a shit man. Her moans began, gently at first, as before, then louder and without restrictions. I was at the top? Her legs on his shoulders? His shoes still on? They stopped for a while, perhaps changing position and then the beating began again. She began to scream : ' Oh God,' he shouted, 'Yes, oh yes,' ' Harder, harder ' and, finally, I slipped my hand on my rock 'Fuck my wet pussy '... hard cock. The headboard banging against my wall, and finally they reached the top of their cries of triumph male grunt, then slowed and stopped. And there was laughter again. I sat in bed, it is still difficult, but just jealous and looked at the minibar. No more noise. I suspected it did for a while. Bathroom whenever you want. Deflation, put on my pajamas and got into bed, hot as hell, but frustrated. One or two minutes later someone knocked at the door. Not knowing quite what to expect I slipped out of bed and opened the door. There was the woman with curves, standing in a bathrobe with messy hair. He entered the center of the room and opened his coat and left slide to the floor, it was sweaty and naked, apart from the black stockings and suspenders. ' I said I better say goodnight. ' He said. 'You xcritic better be quick. ' 'How was it ?' I whispered. ' Unbelievable,' he said. 'I'm still shaking. Well, what do you want ? ' Low 'Bend xcritic over the bed. 'I said. ' And you open the legs. Did you delete ? 'N ' She asked me not to. 'She said, leaning over the bed, put his hands on the quilt. I fell to my knees behind her and pressed my face against it, the language closer to her pussy. ' How was it? 'I asked. His eyes were closed, as I licked. ' Well. It is very good.. He a big tail, dense, 'he said in a dream, as xcritic she remembered. ' Tell me. '' He caught me. He put his cock in my pussy and fucked me. And I loved it. ' moaned ' Your big cock to me. Do not you xcritic know? '' Yes, 'I said and I rose from my knees to climb. ' You'd better do it fast. 'He said. ' Because he wants me to do it again. Does your wife again. 'He said. ' You're a whore. '' Yes 'N ' She let him fuck you. And you liked it. '' Yes, until xcritic my pussy. '' Your big cock. '' xcritic Yes '' You're so wet. ' ' Hurry go. I. 'He said. I grabbed the big ass and snorted it, I have been mixing with it. ' You dirty boy. 'She said, and disconnected. She lifted her robe and slippersd again, she turned to me a xcritic kiss goodnight and left. I was alone in a hotel room. I sat on the edge xcritic of the bed, trembling, saturated. I took a drink from the minibar and lay on the bed and waited, listening xcritic to the crackling first developers in the other room. '
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